#A script to download huge archives. Includes: ROMs, ISOs, and BIOS files ready for emulation in a secure and anonymous way. #Supports only bare metal linux systems, virtual machines or isolated containers that support systemd. Creates a client side #cryptographic key pair that can be accepted by a server, your machine will automatically aquire a virtual private ip-address #with wireguard + encrypted DNS and a tunnel we be established for fast anonymous file transfers. #Works with ubuntu and debian based distros.

###Master Command:

sudo apt-get install git -y && git clone && chmod +x && sudo bash


  1. Bare metal Linux system or VM/CT with systemd service manager and bash shell. For containers, you must explicitly aqquire systemd manager: "docker pull jrei/systemd-ubuntu && docker run systemd-ubuntu" for a docker container with ubuntu + systemd.
  2. Network interface / Virtual Network interface for virtual machines and network manager packages.
  3. An account with sudo privledges and a home folder.

###How to Use###

  1. Make sure you have a Linux system setup with an internet connection, bash, systemd, and logged into an account with sudoer, or root privledges.
  2. Copy and paste the master command above to clone and run the script.
  3. Navigate the dialog-GUI download manager to select a download location, then your desired content. Use arrow keys and space/enter to navigate.
  4. Once the Download completes, files will be located in the In the directory you selected beforehand. All files are ready for retropie or individual emulators.