match-curriculum / react-todo-app-starter-files

React Todo App.

To start this project, I followed a tutorial on YouTube to create the basic framework.



I modified the project by adding a few elements that increase the complexity so that I can challenge myself a bit more.


  1. I added a second filter by category option for the type of tasks. So, in my version, I am dealing with multi-filtering challenges with the todo items.
  2. I added a third status: help. I integrated OpenAI's davinci model into my Todo Items so that when a user changes the status of an item to "Need Help - Suggest Next Steps", the OpenAI API provides the user with some advice on how to approach the task. This advice is only visible when a item is set to this status.

For the second change, training the model to get more straight-forward advice may take time, but this feature is functional for all intents and purposes.

This was a great way to learn more about building a ReactJS app, and using the OpenAI API.